New Member Reception
Written by Akemi & Murray Kane   

  On April 9, 2011, prior to the start of the regular monthly meeting, NNJR- PCA held its first New Member reception of the year. The reception was held at our regular meeting site, the beautiful Villa in Mountain Lakes, NJ. For Akemi and me, the evening started rather ominously. We had gathered all the materials we prepared for the event and left in what we thought was plenty of time. Murphy’s Law was in full effect because we got caught in bumper to bumper traffic on Route 24 near Short Hills where not one, but two accidents clogged the highway. As you can imagine, we were stuck in miles of congestion thinking, "well this is just fine! We are going to be late for our first New Member reception as New Member Liaison’s". Fortunately, there was no reason to panic. We were only five minutes late and many Board of Governors (BOG) members were already there and were busy greeting the new members; making them feel welcome and sharing the fellowship that is PCA

    We quickly set up the table and got down to the business of registering the new members. After greeting each new member, we gave each a name tag, a flyer of upcoming events and a New Member brochure. Now it was time for each new member to meet the BOG members, have their questions on the club’s many programs and events answered. Of course, they were encouraged to share stories about themselves and their cars. The event chairs as well as all the BOG members in attendance did their best to answer every question and also spice up the conversations with a few stories about their cars and club adventures. While all this was going on, the Villa’s staff set out the cold hors d'oeuvres and a staff waiter served a sumptuous selection of hot finger foods. A quick scan of the new members' smiles told us that a great time was had by all during the reception.
    Next on the agenda was the regular monthly meeting. Bob Michaelson, club president called the meeting to order at 8:00PM.  At this time, fourteen new members were presented to the assembled crowd. We acknowledged the new member group and invited each to the podium to tell a little about themselves, their Porsches and what club activities they plan to participate in. We were party to some pretty interesting stories. One new member purchased his first Porsche after 32 years of driving a company car. A father and son, both new members had recently both purchased Porsches. Most of the group indicated they were looking forward to participating in many of the clubs upcoming events. Afterwards all posed for a group photo taken by Dom Miliano.
  We had an exciting time – first getting to the Villa and then meeting the group and seeing their enthusiasm and passion for their Porsches. We hope to see much more of this group at future NNJR events. Oh, and by the way, the drive home was uneventful, no traffic, no accidents!