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Concours 2011 –“Welcome to the Club” and Zone 1 Wrap Up
Written by Craig Ploetner   

  Our first judged event was held at Schooleys Mountain Park on May 7. The weather could not have been better for a Concours event. With over 30 cars on the field we had

a great representation of all years and models as well as a strong turnout for Novice participants.
I pulled into the park at about 7:45am to be greeted by our New Member chairs, Murray and Akemi Kane wondering why I was late. I was stuck behind a dump truck lumbering along at a leisurely 25 MPH, which caused my inexcusable tardiness. At this point, I knew the day was going to be memorable. Breakfast was setup and the Concours

participants started to stream in with their perfectly polished treasures. This was possibly the best weather we have ever had for this event in recent years. Usually the morning started off damp and foggy with attendance always being a questionable issue. Not today! As the sound of flat six cylinder engines echoed up the park entrance, we were

soon having a hard time keeping up with all the registrants. A short time later the parking lot was filled with beautiful 356’s, 911’s, 914’s, 928’s, Boxsters, and Caymans. The eventwas officially in full swing.
It was pleasantly surprising to see that out of the 30 cars that participated, 15 were Novices. The Novice participants were Sean Banfill with his well prepared 1981 928, Nick McGreevy with his beautiful 1989 911, John Solomito showing a super clean 1969 911, and Rick Londono with his stunning 1997 911 C2S. The 997 class was well represented with fine cars prepared by, Rick Barrack, Patrick Linton, Joe Simonataddi, Robert Graffeo, and Robert Northfield. The Boxster/Cayman class also had a nice showing of Novice participants with John Schrade, Kevin Fitzsimmons, Phil Kump, and Paul Armstrong bringing their “A” game. Sean Banfill took first place in the 928 class. Nick McGreevy took the honors in the early 911 class while Rick Londono took first place in the mid 911 class. The late 911 class saw a heated battle with Rick Barrack taking home the win with an astonishing 224.3 point out of 225, an excellent first showing. The Boxster/Cayman class was ruled by John Schrade with his well prepared 2009 Boxster. I was truly blown

away by the quality and level of preparation the Novice group brought to table. They will be a group to watch for the remainder of the season and I look forward to seeing

them move up to the Veteran class next year.
The Veteran class consisted of the regular power house players common to NNJR Concours events. The 356 had two amazing cars compete with Jeff McFadyen taking first

place with his awesome 1957 356 Outlaw and Jim Crawford, fresh off his 2010 Novice Championship, taking second place. In the early 911 class, Fred Simonson, no stranger to the Concours circuit, took first place with his always beautifully prepared 1989 911 turbo look cabriolet. The early 911 class saw our closest competition with Jerry Manna and Ed Neighbour in a tie for second. The class was separated by only three tenths of a point. The mid 911 class was a tight battle between some NNJR Concours regulars. This class was separated by only five tenths of a point. Coming in first place was John Griffith with his always clean 1994 964 Speedster. In second was Anthony Cristello with his classic Cobalt blue 1994 964 Turbo. The 928/914 class saw Ken Latham take first place with this 1985 928 and Tod Worden place second with his 1973 914.
The late 911 class was dominated by Frank Acura with his gorgeous 2007 Guards Red Carrera S. Frank competed solo in his class but still pulled an impressive 224.3 points out

of 225.
In the Cayman and Boxster class we had two participants. Konstantin Mouthius with his 2009 Boxster pulled in first place while Ken Ernst, showing his 2001 Boxster, came in

close behind to secure a second place trophy.
As I have said many times, NNJR Concours is a family and without the help of all the Veterans when it comes to judging and participation, the events would not be successful.

So a big thank you goes out to Ed Neighbour, Jerry Manna, Jeff McFadyen, Fred Simonson, Warren Gisser, Steve Kroeger, Anthony Cristello, Stu French, Ed Vasquez, and John Griffith for all their help. This year we started an apprentice judging program and we had the assistance of Tod Worden and Rick Barrack join the team as well.
The Concours program owes a huge debt of gratitude to Dennis and Marlys Thovson for all their help in making the event an overwhelming success. Murray and Akemi Kane,

the New Member Chairs, are the architects of this amazing event. Their incredible level of detail and endless promotion made this event truly memorable. I look forward to

seeing what this team turns out in the future.
Congratulations to all the participants for their strong efforts in our first judged event of the NNJR Concours season. I look forward to seeing what this group will produce for

the rest of our judged season.
The Zone 1 competition was held on May 15 in Southbury Connecticut. As usual, NNJR dominated the event with several first place wins and even a Best in Show. In the 356 class with a total of 292.7 out of 300 points, Jeff and Margie McFadyen brought home the first place hardware. The 911 class (1984-1989) saw our 2010 Mulhern and Parade Winner, Robert Knapik, bring home the first place trophy. In the People’s Choice division of the event, John Paterek took first place in the 356 class while Jerry Manna brought home the first place gold in the 911 (1984-1989) class. Lastly, in the full judged 911 (1990-1998) class we saw our very own Murray and Akemi Kane dominate the event with not only a first in class but also a Best in Show with an astounding 298.1 points out of a possible 300. An absolutely amazing feat. I thank these individuals for showing their

talent and representing the NNJR program on a regional level. Their accomplishments shed a bright light on the strength of our program and quality of car that it consistently turns out.
As the season begins to get into full stride, our next event on August 14 will be the Multi Mark Concours in New Hope, PA. Following on August 21 takes us to the Picnic and Concours Family Fun Day at the beautiful Mill Road Day Camp, in North Brunswick. Bring the family for a fun filled day of activities and a full judged Concours event. Lastly, on September 10 will be the amazing Red Mill Museum Concours D’Elegance. Please check the ads in the Porscheforus for all the details. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding any of the above events at