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Three for Three Plus One (You Should Have Been There)
Written by Jeff McFadyen   

May 19 and 20 was the weekend of the 33rd annual PCA Zone 1 Concours and Rally. The format was reversed this year with the Concours on Saturday morning and the Rally on Sunday morning. This meant that you did not have to hurry back from the Rally and prepare your car for Sunday morning judging. It was not a big deal this year because the weather gods provided a weekend of spectacular weather. The base of the event was the Framingham, MA Sheraton right at exit 12 off the Mass Pike. We were hosted by the Northeast Region with Steve Ross as the event Chairman.

The event kicked off with a hospitality event Friday evening at the Sheraton where the out of towners were able to get together and discuss their latest Porsche thoughts and information.

The Concours site for Saturday morning was on the grounds of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA (about 20 miles from the hotel). The Museum is housed in a beautiful and huge Carriage House in a spectacular park setting. Car placement began at about 8:00am on the lawn in front of the museum. There were a total of about 75 cars entered and split evenly between judged classes and People’s choice Classes. Judging and People’s Choice voting started at about 10:30am. There were lots of spectators voting on the People’s Choice entrants. For the Judged classes, the standard Zone 1 300 point scoring system was used. Dan Deegan the Concours Chairman did an excellent job of organizing the Concours.

There were three Porsches entered by NNJR members: John and Donna Paterek brought Donna’s 62 white 356B Super 90 Cabriolet, Murray and Akemi Kane were there with their 92 Black 911 Turbo Coupe, and Margie and I showed “Lite N’ Sweet”, our 57 Sahara Beige 356A Outlaw Coupe.

Concours Rites of Spring
Written by Hank Menkes   

Even though March came in and went out like a lamb this year, it had the additional benefit of bringing with it the traditional NNJR Concours “Gathering of the Faithful” (GOTF) spring get-together on Sunday morning, March 25. The GOTF has been an NNJR custom for years and serves as the first official event to initiate the new concours season. No instruction or judging takes place; it is strictly a social occasion for the concours veterans and an opportunity to introduce new members to the excitement of concouring and properly addressing their Porsche’s appearance needs. This year was particularly special because, to keep things interesting, we benefitted from a fresh and exciting new venue.

John Vogt offered to host our members at High Marques in Morristown and host he did! John, along with Steven Hudacek, laid out a veritable gastronomic banquet for our taste buds along with a comparable feast for our eyes. For those of you not being familiar with High Marques, it is a well-known and respected retailer of premium pre-owned Porsches and other fine marques for over 20 years. John is a strong NNJR supporter and, coincidently, this year is also our NNJR rally chairperson.

Wet Sanding 101
Written by Craig Ploetner   

 I'm sure most of you have heard the term "wet sanding" or "color sanding." What do these terms mean and when and how should you use these procedures? Sometimes the only way to remove or lighten a heavy imperfection is by sanding the paint surface. This can be a fast and effective
way to remove a heavy scratch or scuff, if you are skilled and very careful. On the other hand, this method may lead to a trip to the spray booth if you are over zealous and not aware of when to stop.

Wheel Cleaning and Detailing/The Dangers and Proper Technique to Perfect Wheels
Written by Craig Ploetner   


Concours enthusiasts love clean and shiny wheels. Perfect looking wheels really make the car pop. A vehicle however, with dirty or even damaged wheels can really take away from the look of a gorgeous automobile. Wheels are more expensive than ever, with many people installing custom aftermarket wheels for a more personal look. OEM wheels are nicer than ever as well, and enhance the posture and stance of a great looking vehicle. Care must be taken to protect this ever increasing investment.

Therefore the cleaning and care of wheels is extremely important in the overall look of a well detailed car. We need to fully clean all the wheels to make them look showroom new, without damaging them or ourselves, and without spending all day on them. Sometimes wheel cleaning is quite a chore and can be very dangerous.


Confessions of a Concours Judge
Written by Hank Menkes   


Before you get too excited, this is not a steamy exposé of what you might fantasize of what takes place behind the pavilion at Schooley’s Mountain Park after a competitive concours event. Remember, this is a family magazine. On the contrary, this article is meant to help those new to the activity who are interested in entering their Porsches in PCA concours events. So read on and benefit from these insider’s tips.

Over the last couple of concours seasons we have seen a large number of new members attend our concours workshops and try their hand at a competitive event. Hopefully they found the workshops to be informative in addressing their questions on proper Porsche appearance concerns and care, and the competition to be below-stress and enjoyable. However, many of the novices who are competing for the first time ask, “What are the judges actually looking for and where are they looking?” This article will address these questions by providing insights into the favorite spots experienced concours judges examine to try and find the elusive speck of dirt for that precious tenth of a point deduction.

At NNJR concours events, we judge Porsches in three major categories: exterior, interior, and storage. We do not judge engines or undercarriages; however engines are judged at the Zone 1 Concours and at the New Hope Automobile Show and Concours, and engines and undercarriages are judged at the national Parade Concours. We do not judge originality at NNJR concours events.

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